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We identify legitimate beneficiaries to estates where there are no known heirs. Those we identify are often totally unaware of their relationship to the deceased. You will only be asked to pay an agreed fee direct from your share of the estate, when and if you receive an inheritance. 

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Heir Hunters

Heir Hunters is a popular BBC daytime television programme that has been running for over 10 years. Thames Probate’s Head Researcher, Margaret Duncan, appeared in the first series.

In this clip Margaret discusses the case of William Mace who died 19 November 2000, leaving an estate of £12,000. As there was no Will and no known relatives, Margaret had to undertake extensive research to discover the beneficiaries of the estate and on the way she uncovered a secret which lead to a family reuniting.


In many cases, heirs to an estate are known and named in a Will, but sometimes these heirs cannot be found or a Will was never made. In these cases, the nearest next-of-kin can be a distant relative – in fact, beneficiaries may have never heard of the person who has died.


We provide specialist research and support services to the legal professions by tracing missing heirs and beneficiaries to unclaimed estates.

Public Sector

We support all Public Sector departments that require assistance with tracing next-of-kin. We offer a range of services including Asset and Will Search services, Emptying of Properties and providing case report updates within 24 hours.


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